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Online Account Information FAQs

Can I edit my username?
For your security, usernames cannot be changed.
How do I change the name on my account and/or my policy?

Names on policies or your online service account cannot be changed online. Please call for assistance with all name changes.

How do I update my personal information on my policy and/or my account?

Go to the Personal Information page to review the details that you can update online. To update any other information on your policy, please call us.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) whenever information is sent to us on the web. TLS is one of the safest ways to send information on the web today. We also encrypt, or “hide”, any private information when we store it on our systems.

What can I do with my online service account?

Creating an online service account lets you manage some features of your policy online. You can:
• Make and schedule payments
• View and download a policy summary
• Update phone, address and email
• Reactivate a lapsed policy


Click here to:  Create Your Account

What information do I need to create an account?

To create an account, you'll need the following information:
• Your name as it appears on your policy
• Your Social Security number
• Your date of birth


In some cases, you may also need to provide your policy number, address and phone number.

What policy types can I see on my account?
You can view information for many of our life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance and annuity products.
Why can't I service all of my policies online?
Not all policies are available for online service. If you would like details about a policy you cannot access here please contact us.
Why can't I use a previous password?
For your security, you cannot use any of your three previous passwords.
Why doesn't my Sign-In work?
If you haven’t signed in to online service since May 2015, you may need to create a new online account:  Create Your Account.  If you need help creating your new online account, please call us for assistance.
Why don't I see my policy (or policies) here?

This may be  because you have a type of policy we don't service online. Or, in some cases, you may have purchased a policy AFTER you created your online service account, in which case you would need to go to Account Overview and click Find Another Policy. In other cases, you may not see your policy because it is not active.

Why is my Social Security number and other personal information required?
Your Social Security number and your date of birth (as well as all other personal information) are required as a security measure to verify your identity and to find your policy within our systems.
Why is the system indicating my email address is not unique?
Either you already have another username in our system which uses this email account or someone else used that specific email address in our system. Please use a different email address.
Why is the system indicating my username or email address is not unique?
You may have already created an account using that information or someone else has used that username or email address. If you think you might already have an account, the "Forgot username or password?" link on the Secure Sign-In page will help you retrieve that information.
What are the benefits of consenting to Electronic Delivery?
Your consent to Electronic Delivery gives you the ability to conduct certain transactions online today. As we enhance our online capabilities, this consent will also give you the option of receiving and signing certain documents electronically.

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